Hello, We’re ProBerry Hair Care System and This is Our Story!

ProBerry Hair Care System is comprised by a team of dedicated haircare professionals committed to delivering hair treatments and products that are powered by nature and informed by personal experience. Established in 2018, our team set out to harness the limitless power of the Goji Berry, a versatile, nurturing, and robust ingredient that delivers incredible shine, healthy growth, and superb strength for every hair type.

As a group of professional hairstylists, the ProBerry Hair Care System team had seen a wide variety of haircare products and treatments that were consistently overpriced and under-performing for their clients.  With so many mass-marketed hair treatments and haircare products filled with harmful chemicals, stripping ingredients, and poorly formulated solutions, the team set out to create a line of powerful haircare products that would rejuvenate, beautify, and support healthy and beautiful hair – without the nasty chemicals and compounds.  Our team of professional hairstylists and care experts set out to identify the ultimate hair health ingredient that was both natural, accessible, and delivered incredible results.


It didn’t take long to find the miracle ingredient that became the passion, mission, and vision for ProBerry Hair Care System:  The Goji Berry.  The studies and research were clear:  Goji Berries deliver and incredible boost in antioxidants and compounds that fortify hair, bolster shine, and stimulate growth in a remarkably short period of time. Together, this team of haircare professionals and stylists worked day and night to create a haircare line that was formulated with nature in mind and fully harnessed the incredible and lasting benefits of the Goji Berry.

We Believe the Results are Nothing Short of Amazing!

At ProBerry Hair Care System, we believe we have cultivated a line of haircare products, treatments, and cleansers that will revolutionize your daily haircare routine.  Professional hairstylist approved and recommended throughout the world, our line haircare treatments and products enhanced with the phenomenal power of Goji Berry essence will deliver huge benefits, visible results, and a softness you can feel after the first application.  Our mission to create naturally beautiful, strong, and soft hair brought us directly to the Goji Berry – and we believe it should do the same for you.

One Berry.  Endless Possibility. Experience the Goji Berry Difference Today!