Whether your hair is color-treated or all-natural, you may notice that from time-to-time your color tone needs a bit of adjustment. Many factors can cause our hair color to go from brilliant to blah. This includes air pollution, smoke, sunlight, chemicals (like chlorine from a pool), and even hair styling tools. These factors often cause brunette hair to take on undesirable brassy tones and blonde or grey hair to go yellow.

But there is an easy fix! You can brighten up your tone easily with a blue or purple shampoo. If your hair is color-treated, you can use them to extend the life of your color between visits to the hair salon.

So, which one should you be using?

It’s All About Color Theory

Every hair color has naturally warm undertones. Dark hair has warm orange tones and light hair has warm yellow tones. Over time, these tones will become exposed. This is where a blue or purple shampoo can save the day.

If you think back to your elementary art class, you’ll remember the color wheel. Every color has a complementary color and in terms of hair tone, you can tone-down the unwanted color by applying its complementary color.

Blue and purple shampoo contain pigments that latch onto your cuticles and help neutralize unwanted tones. Genius, right?

This means that if you are a blonde or sport silver or white locks, you’ll want to use a purple shampoo to get rid of yellow tones.

If you’re a brunette or dark blonde with too much brass or orange tones, blue shampoo is going to be your solution.

How Often Should I Use Blue or Purple Shampoo?

You don’t need to use blue or purple shampoo every day to see a difference. Most hairstylists recommend starting with this regimen just once or twice per week. If you aren’t seeing a difference, you can try shampooing every other day. If you’re looking for an immediate change, you can leave the shampoo in your hair for about 2-5 minutes before rinsing.

Some Expert Tips on Using Blue or Purple Shampoo

What if you’re a brunette with blonde highlights or balayage? Hairstylists say that you can still use purple shampoo to maintain the blonde. Just try alternating between using blue and purple shampoo.

Scared of turning blue or purple when shampooing? Don’t worry, these pigmented shampoos won’t stain your bathroom tiles. The colors wash away easily with a bit of warm water.

Looking for a good lather? You may notice that most blue and purple shampoos aren’t as sudsy as your daily go-to shampoo. We like to pour a bit of shampoo into our hands and rub it into a rich lather before applying it to our hair. Also, make sure your locks are thoroughly wet as this will help the shampoo distribute easier.

Our go-to purple shampoo? ProBerry’s No More Yellow GojiBerry Shampoo. We love that this shampoo is free of sulfates, parabens, and sodium chloride. Not to mention that the goji berry essence leaves your hair smelling great, as well as silky smooth.