After a long winter season of dealing with frizzy, brittle, and sometimes uncontrollable hair, you are probably ready for warmer months and a luscious head of summer hair! The lack of humidity during a dry winter weather can often damage your hair and leave it feeling dull and stiff. Luckily, the damage isn’t permanent, and you can be back on your way to soft locks with just a few easy hair treatment techniques. Keep reading to find out how.

Try a Restorative Shampoo

When your hair is dry the last thing you want to do is strip away any extra moisture with any regular shampoo. Try using a specially formulated shampoo for dry and damaged hair, these are loaded with natural moisture-boosting and hair-strengthening ingredients. We recommend our Gojiberry Hair Restore Shampoo – its unique formula replenishes lost moisture and hydration within the hair fibers and is great for restoring color-treated hair.

Lose the Heat

In summer, it’s all about embracing the natural! So leave the flat iron or blow dryer in the cupboard and opt for more healthy air dry. If you just can’t live without curls, try heatless curling options or opt for braids or buns that will give your hair the style you crave. If your hair has a natural wave or curl, you can enhance it with a few spritzes of saltwater spray. Nothing says summer more than beach hair!

Condition More Often

During the winter, dry air and wind can rough up your hair’s cuticle, taking away its natural sheen. If you’ve been struggling with dull locks and split ends, a thirst-quenching hair mask is exactly what you need. Try out our Gojiberry Hair Restore Mask which contains the goji berry essence, packed with antioxidants that rehydrate your hair from root to tip.

Nourish your Scalp

If you’re suffering from a dry scalp that causes embarrassing dandruff, you can try massaging oil on your scalp and throughout your hair. Argan oil and jojoba oil are both great options, as well as goji berry extract which nourishes a dry scalp. You can also mix in a few drops of essential oils like lavender or rosemary to make it into a truly spa-like experience!

Trim the Damage

Keep your hair looking healthy and encourage new growth by going in for a regular trim. Most hair stylists recommend that you cut off dry ends every 6-10 weeks. However, if you use heat to style your hair, you should definitely get a trim more often.

Switch to Silk

Did you know that certain fabrics can actually cause more hair damage? While cotton or linen may be affordable, they aren’t doing your hair any favors. When it comes to scarves, hats, and even pillowcases, silk is the best option. This naturally hypoallergenic fabric can prevent thinning and tangled hair and helps heal split ends by stimulating hydration.

If you’re ready for healthy-looking summer hair, it’s only a hair treatment away! Get started now on getting your hair back to its best place.